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The Kyrgyz 65:

The Kyrgyz 65 are a group of 65 orphans in the small country of Kyrgyzstan and 65 American families that have been waiting over three and half years to have their adoptions finalized so they can be re-united.  The number is now 63, due to two children's deaths, one of which was Altynai, but the group will forever be known throughout the adoption world as the Kyrgyz 65.  This page includes a video that tells of the delays and then is followed by a timeline of the struggle that has ensued.  Please check back to this page for the latest updates on their advocacy efforts!

In February 2009, the Kyrgyzstan government declared a moratorium on international adoption and the adoption laws were stricken from the books.  The following years were filled with many promises made and many promises broken but the families continued to advocate for the waiting children.  In April 2011, the President of Kyrgyzstan lifted the moratorium and the parliament spent last summer working on drafting new adoption regulations.  As of 10/2/11, the Prime Minister and signed off on the new adoption regulations.  The US Department of State has been actively working with the Kyrgyz government and most recently, told the waiting families to get their dossiers in order!  In the adoption world, that was the best news that the families had heard in a long, long time.  If all goes as planned the beginning of 2012 should be filled with joyful reunions.  12/8/11, the Department of State updated the families that everything is still going as planned.  The Kyrgyz government should have re-accredited the agencies with in the next month and hopefully, shortly thereafter dossiers will be accepted.

January 2012,  the first US agency, Christian World Adoptions, announced that it was re-accredited by the Kyrgyz government.  They are currently translating dossiers for many of the waiting families and as of the end of Feb. 2012 the first dossiers are being processed by the Kyrgyz government in Bishkek.  The families are hopeful that they will be able to travel for their first of two trips soon.

Summer 2012:  NINE of the waiting children are home with their forever families!!!!  Sadly, adoptions came to a screeching halt once again leaving over 20 waiting families in limbo.  Most of which had just left the country with promises to their children ( no longer infants after the 4+ year delay) that they would be returning soon.

Kyrgzystan Facts:

*** Population: 5.5 million
*** Capital city:  Bishkek
*** Former Russian republic from 1924-1991, when it gained it's independence.
*** GDP ( 2010) : $860/year
*** At least 6,000 orphans.

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