On this page you will find a variety of items that can be purchased with a portion of the proceeds going to Altynai's Fund.  Depending on the items, 20% to 100% of the profits will go the the Fund.  Please all take the time to check out the KYRGYZ JEWELRY page too.  Those items were just too special and therefore earned their own page.  Thanks in advance for your support!

Marvielle's Adoption Jewelry:

Marvielle's Jewelry is an adoption-centric jewelry business, run by two adoptive mothers, that believes every adoption is unique and has its own narrative.  We provide a large selection of charms covering adoptions from six continents, including domestic, and create beautiful necklaces and bracelets for you.  All of our charms are $5 and include free shipping! For every jewelry piece you create and purchase, we will donate 20% of the sales to Altynai's Legacy Adoption Fund help to them assist adoptive families bring home their children from Kyrgyzstan.  It's a win-win purchase!!!

Their website is  During the check out process, all you need to do is leave either Altynai's Fund or Krygyz 65 in the comment/memo section and 20% of the purchase will go to this fund.  I love it!  Thank you to everyone at Marvielle's Jewelry for your kindness!  

****  For Athlete Themed Jewelry:  Marvielle's has a separate site that targets Athlete's and they are going to give 20% of your purchase to Altynai's Fund if you put HelpKG65 in the comment section!!! Their goal is to help target a larger audience than just adoption charms. Check it out at


147 Million Orphans has also agreed to help Altynai's Fund.  It is another wonderful organization that sells some amazing t-shirts, ball caps, hand made necklaces from Uganda, ect...  Shopping is as simple as clicking on the following link  The link provided is specific for Altynai's Fund so you don't have to enter anything during check out.  30% of your purchase will go to Altynai's Fund!

Check out the adorable "Kyrgyz 65" t-shirts and other fun items at are some adorable "Kyrgyz 65".   20% of the profits go to Altynai's fund.  Thanks Ann!

 If you are interested in purchasing any of these beautiful items, please contact me directly at  100% of the profits go to Altynai's Fund.

Silpada 14 k Gold-filled Bead and Sterling Silver Bracelet.  Price $90
                 ***  Donated by Silpada Corporate

This unique gold and sterling silver bracelet fits a wrist up to 7 1/2 inches and retails at $139.  It is a retired piece so I can't access a high quality photo from Silpada and I am not happy with this picture so will update it as soon as I can. 

NEW Beijo Light Pink Patent Leather Clutch Purse with Silver Chain Strap.  Price $25 
                 ***  Donated by Summer Myers.

This clutch with strap is fabulous.  It measures 6 in. tall x 10 in. long x 3 in. wide.  Retailed at $75.

NEW Beijo Vibrant Blue Over the Moon Purse.  Price:  $30  
                 ***  Donated by Summer Myers.

This purse measures 7 in. tall x 15 in. long ( at longest point) x 2 1/2 in. wide.  Retailed at $85.

NEW Beijo Beige with Leopard Pattern Flap Patent Leather Purse with Silver Chain.  Price: $25
                  *** Donated by Summer Myers.

This purse measures 6 in. tall x 13 in. long x 21/2 in. wide.  Retails at $65.

Authentic Kyrgyz Little Boy's Outfit.  Price: $20
                ***  Donated by Beth Vermeer.

This precious ceremonial vest and hat is made from dark green velvet with intricate gold stitching.   Size estimated at a 2T.  It is an amazing work of art.



DECEMBER'S HO, HO, HO Holiday Auction - $1365!!!  Thanks for everyone who donated items and bid.

NOVEMBER'S Silpada Fundraiser was fabulous!!! $1200 was donated to Altynai's fund and $900 in jewelry was raffled off our three lucky winners, Jes Scheel, Lisa Reickerd, and Kim Humphrey.  Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who participated, especially the Silpada rep who is my dear friend, Jill Vodicka. 

OCTOBER'S $10 Challenge was a success!  19 people played and $780 was raised.  The Labelle family and Sarah Hume were the big winners.  Thanks to everyone who donated!!!!

The Hume's Kiddos with their gift card

At this time, ongoing donations can be made by clicking on the PayPal button below.  The donations go directly to Lifesong for Orphans - Altynai's Legacy Fund.   Thanks in advance for your support!


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