Friday, June 27, 2008

Baby's Bunny

Well, we are knee deep in preparations for our travel to see precious baby A ( name to be announced once we see her). We will not be able to bring her home this trip so we are planning on leaving a part of us there with her. I am attaching the picture of the kids with the bunny that we got her at Build-A-Bear this week. It was just priceless to watch them pick out the bunny, make wishes to put inside and dress her. Luckily, Ansley won on the fashion decision and she is not dressed in a Batman suit. The best part of the bunny is that she has a voice recorder in her hand that we all left a little message for her on. Hopefully she will be able to at least hear our voices when we are gone. We are also putting a little teether photo album together for her. One of our Russian nurses at the hospital helped translate the titles ( Mommy, Daddy, Sister, Grandma, ect....) I hope that the orphanage workers will read it to her from time to time. Of course, I realize that she is only 2.5 months and she will not care about either of these but it's making me feel better.


  1. What a sweet idea. That is something your kids can remember doing for their little sister. You do such a great job of making this their adventure too.
    I can't beleive you will be leaving so soon. I am looking forward to seeing lots of photos!

  2. We took a pink bear for Ellie from BAB as well. We also recorded a message. I'm so hopeful they play it for her every now and then. And you are right, it's more for us than them, I think! I'm impressed with your kids. We didn't think to put any CLOTHES on ours. Ellie has a bare bear!!