Monday, June 9, 2008

Current day thoughts and the Rocking Chair

To those of you that actually read the first post, thanks and I promise to keep future posts to a tolerable length. Ansley and I ( OK, mainly me) have been planning out the baby's nursery for some time and today we put everything together to see how it would all look. " Everything" is really just some bedding, a painting and some little bugs that will hang from the walls/ceilings. It is a fairy garden theme so the bugs are really OK. Looking closely at it all was particularly important because we finished decorating the little rocking chair for the baby. The rocking chair is special because when I was pregnant with Ansley I redecorated my rocking chair from when I was little. She still uses it for her dolls and tea parties so when we started our adoption process I bought an unfinished chair for this baby. I have had it for several months but had been afraid to start work on it mainly because of fear that things were not going to happen. Then a few weeks ago I realized that my fears were taking away the potential joy of this process and because I needed something tangible and concrete to do ( other than obsess over emails, ect..) so I started painting it. It has been a family affair, minus Craig who hates this sort of thing. Alec, with all of his 3 year old flare, helped with the first coat of primer and to my displeasure his attention span was way longer than I hoped it would be. White paint everywhere ;). Then Ansley and I finished the final touches this last weekend. She helped me pick the location of the flowers, the colors and even did a little bit of the painting. We are both very happy with the final product and think that it will be the perfect gift for the new baby sister. The whole process was exactly what I needed too. Something happy, something exciting and something that kept the positive thoughts about this adoption flowing. I must admit that some days the whole process with all of it's unknowns is overwhelming. Unknown timing of the referral, travel, bringing her home and even more scary the unknown of her family history, her orphanage experience and how all of that will start forming her little personality and life to come. I have to remind myself to step back and remember why we are doing this and in moments of silence, I find encouragement and strength because I truly believe that this is what God wants us to do.
Maybe between blind faith and the rocking chair being completed, our referral will be close to follow. Keep your fingers crossed for us.
PS: I have no idea how to move the pictures to the bottom of the post so for now they will remain at the top.


  1. Suzanne,
    I sit here with tears. One because your kids are so darn cute, two because you know I can SOO relate to your emotional journey and three because I am so glad you decided to jump into the Blog world!
    Welcome! All four Posse members are now represented on blogspot!
    Lisa B

  2. OMG, what a beautiful family! Congrats on getting the blog up and running Suzanne! Just need that photo of Craig to finish it off. I LOVE the rocker; that is sweet! Rest assured I will be here to follow your journey and offer up my virtual support.


  3. I am very impressed with the rocker! Great job! We will keep checking your blog while you are away. I can't wait to meet her!