Sunday, October 12, 2008

6 months old and blowing kisses

Well, our precious baby girl turned 6 months old on Friday, Oct 10th.

I think I will mark this milestone with the words of her 4 year old brother Alec. The night before, out of nowhere, he started blowing kisses to the ceiling and announced, " I'm blowing kisses to heaven so God can give them to Addison." She got about a dozen so I hope that she felt showered in love that day. Boy, is she going to be loved when we get her home.....


  1. that is too sweet...when she is home and Alec is torturing her like brothers do, remember this moment! we hve been thinking of you a lot and praying for your family.


  2. How sweet. Know that I will TRY VERY HARD tomorrow to see her, hold her and photograph her. Say a prayer that I am successful.

  3. Oh so sweet!
    We will send hugs and kisses too!

  4. Happy sweet 6 month birthday to your girl. Praying that you hear something soon and that Maria is able to check on her for you.

  5. Oh Alec, that is the sweetest thing I have heard in a long, long time. What a wonderful big brother Addison is going to have. Happy 6 month Birthday Addison! (Sorry I'm a little late ; )

    Love you, Clare