Tuesday, July 1, 2008

7 hours and counting

Well, we will leave our house at 4 AM tomorrow morning - just 7 hours away! The bags are packed, Grandma Bilyeu has gotten the brief on keeping the kids and the house running while we are away. Between Grandma and Nanny Jenny they are in good hands. Ansley and Alec were both out of sorts today and I have to admit that I have been too. Alec proposed to tonight that Grandma go instead. Boy they are priceless. It is a long time to be away!

Well, here is the another picture of the baby and we should have lots more to share starting the 6th!


  1. Suzanne,
    I know I will miss my big kids too. And they have 7-8 years on yours. Remember, they are doing better than they sound when you talk with them. My Chloe will be very blue on the phone and then perk up afterwards. They are safe and will be fine.
    I am very excited for you. My 5 week wait is going to be brutal!

  2. Super excited for you guys. She's beautiful. Can't wait for her to come home and be a part of our family.

  3. Suzanne, I hope your final moments of preparation and saying goodbye to Ansley & Alec go well. I'm sure that won't be easy!

    I am so thrilled to see that precoius picture of your daughter and even more thrilled that you will be holding her in your arms very soon. Best of luck to you in your journey!! You will be in our prayers.

  4. I am SO happy for you guys. It is so cool to see a new picture of sweet thing and I know you are so anxious to meet her. Blessings for a safe trip and wonderful visit with her!!

  5. Suzanne and Craig,
    What an exciting time for you. We are thrilled to be included in your endeavor and look forward to updates.
    Can't wait to meet the new baby!

  6. Having just travelled to China in May to get our daughter, I completely understand the emotional time this is. Your head is swimming with details and you feel guilty about leaving the sibling with Grandma and Grandpa for so long. That was the hardest part about our adoption, leaving Alex (8 months at the time)for so long. They are perceptive even at that age and he was not acting right before our departure knowing we were up to something. Ultimately, its so worth it. Sydney is a perfect, beautiful,smart and well developed little girl (10 months old now)that is a true blessing from God.

    God's Speed in your travels,
    Scott and Kim Felten

  7. Finally catching up on your blog now that we're back in the USA. Oh my gosh, but what gorgeous big eyes she has. She just looks like she was meant to be in your family. We're SO happy for you!!!

    I'm off to read some more...