Friday, July 4, 2008


Well, we made to Istanbul late this afternoon and just got back from an evening stroll and an amazing Turkish dinner. We had a HORRIBLE 2 days at JKF and I am just so happy to be out of there and most importantly here! My husband's brilliant flight plan was squashed by the July 4th holiday and so we had to do some re-routing and buy some tickets from Amsterdam to Istanbul! Needless to say, I was an unhappy wife yesterday. Of course, he felt absolutely horrible. Regardless, we are here now and we had already purchased tickets from Istanbul to and from Bishkek. I have tickets all the way home to Jax so I will no longer have flight stresses to think about. He is still going to jump seat home but I am not going to have any part of that anymore. As for tomorrow, we plan to do a half day tour of Istanbul's main landmarks in the a.m. and then leave for Bishkek tomorrow evening. I can't believe that we are really this close to meeting the baby! We got the video phone to work great with the kids tonight which was wonderful. What amazing technology!

Here are just few pictures of our evening.


  1. Yay! You're almost there! Hope the trip to Bishkek goes better than your adventure to Istanbul ;)

  2. Well, If I have my Bishkek clock correct, you are in Kyrgyzstan right now! Yipee! She is very close now. I hope you can get some rest before you head out to Tokmok to see Baby A. We can't wait to see photos. Maybe you'll see Clare in the lobby as they are on the way out;)

  3. Glad to see that you are almost there. No trip is complete without a few snafus. Enjoy the ride to Tokmok -- it's beautiful after you get out of the city. If you see my Ellie, give her a kiss and tell her mama is thinking about her every day and wishing we were there with her. Have a great time!!

  4. Suzanne and Craig - We're thinking about you guys. Can't wait to hear of the first time you see her!
    xoxo, Emily