Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Day 3 at Tokmok

Hi everyone.

Well, today was a better day for Addison. She was sleeping when we got there but woke up happy and was so peaceful. In fact, she seemed much more comfortable with us today. She spent a lot of time making great eye contact and I almost got a smile from her. She was even willing to spend a good deal of the time without a pacifier. I felt so much better today and can't wait to see her again tomorrow.

I think I have figured out the mystery medication too. It is a Russian drug called paracetum which from what I can tell is IV CAFFIENE!!!! They think that it is a beneficial brain stimulant for these babies. No wonder she was totally out of sorts yesterday. She was wired! Poor little baby. It certainly will not hurt her but gosh.....

I also had the experience of a lifetime today. I have had the pleasure to examine and evaluate 6 babies/toddlers for our adoption agency. I have been able to get complete exams, pictures and even a few videos for the families that will be the prospective parents for these children. In the process, I got to go to another orphanage and interact with the most amazing group of toddlers and a few older infants. Talk about resilient and absolutely priceless! I will promise to blog more about that later. The best part has been that I have been able to send out pictures to 6 families so far. I felt like Santa Claus! I can only imagine how important those pictures are when you are so very far away from your child and unfortunately, I will be in that same boat in about 24 hours. I know that parents following us will return the favor and that will be wonderful.

Lastly, we were able to take a beautiful drive into the mountains with our translator and driver, Kuba, today. They are truly beautiful.


  1. I'm so glad Day 3 was awesome! What a blessing that you are able to go and check on other babies. I know it has certainly blessed us! :)

  2. HoHoHo! Thank you for the early Christmas!
    And we love to see the daily photos of Addison!

  3. Awesome Suzanne,

    I'm so glad you were able to be there to help with the babies. I know you'll be providing tremendous peace of mind for the families with those photos. You're the best!

    Enjoy this time with Addison. She is so precious!

  4. So, is she a daddy's girl yet? My guess is yes, based on the pictures. Thank you for letting us be a part of this experience with you. We're so happy for you!

    Scott and Kim

  5. Girl, Santa NEVER brought me a gift as sweet as the little face on my screen today!! I love the picture of Addison sucking her thumb. She is a DOLL!!

  6. Suzanne,

    I just caught up on the blog. Oh my gosh she is beautiful! I am so excited for you guys. Thank you for sharing this experience. It is truly amazing. My heart breaks for all of the little ones there. It's wonderful that you can help all of these families, and bring them peace of mind. Addison is blessed to have you and Craig!

  7. Suzanne,
    Your stories are so touching. You are very lucky and generous to have the ability to help others. As a frequent recipient of your medical expertice, I know everyone is very thankful!