Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I touched bases with Lifesong today and so far it looks like Hearts for Hope raised about $300 ( final pending.)  Thank you so much for everyone that contributed and took the time to send in a Valentine and a donations.  I truly appreciate it!  Three hundred is wonderful but unfortunately, I have to admit that I am  disappointed.  I really thought that this fundraiser would make a much bigger impact, especially now that dossiers are being processed and adoptions are moving forward. I think I had unrealistic expectations. Maybe interest in Altynai's Fund will pick up once families start traveling???  Bottom line, I have one additional money raiser in the works and then I am completely out of ideas.  It looks like it is time to re-group and reassess the situation and then decide how to move forward.

I am starting a five day stretch at the hospital tomorrow and on Saturday the hospital launches our electronic medical records system.  Nothing like going cold turkey from paper charting/ordering to everything being electronic.   It is going to be painful until we all adjust and master the system.

 I will post more next week, unless something exciting happens between now and then.

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