Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!

Vacations are always wonderful but there is nothing better, once the unpacking is completed, than being home again.  While Drew is napping, I am enjoying a nice quiet afternoon getting re-aquainted with my computer.  I have to admit, I loved not spending time with it last week and shockingly, I don't think that I missed much.  Today is the last day that I am going to be pushing Altynai's Hearts for Hope fundraiser so if you haven't taken the time to send a Valentine to Lifesong, please do.   I looked over the Valentine's that my daughter, Ansley's girl scout troop made, and they are precious.  I can't wait to receive the whole batch of them from Lifesong once they are done coming in.  I know that several groups of children are working on them today so as a reminder, there is no deadline for the Valentines.  So for the procrastinators out there, you have all the time in the world.

I was reading through some Facebook posts this morning and realized that today was a pivotal day for two of the families that were featured on this blog.  Four years ago today, one of our waiting families received their referral and the other family met their little boy for the first time.  For those of you that haven't adopted, those days are huge!  The day that you receive pictures of the child that you have been matched with is equivalent to that first ultrasound picture that you saw when you were pregnant.  It is the day that you realize you are truly going to be blessed with a child.  It is no longer a hypothetical hope but the day that you see tangible proof that a child is really waiting for you.  And just like a birth of a child, when you walk into that orphanage and get to hold your little one for the first time, your heart simply melts.  The moment that we met and held Altynai on that sunny July day has forever been etched into my memory.  Just like the first time, that I held my other three beautiful children.  Those moments are filled with such love and that they are perfectly suited for Valentine's Day.  And like all the other milestones, and anniversaries that have past, I hope and pray that this is the last Valentine's Day that Maksim and Ruslan will be without their forever families.

Now for a quick update, the waiting families are busy putting together their dossiers and as of today, the first set of translated dossiers will be making it's way to Kyrgyzstan!!!  That is another monumental step in the right direction.  Hopefully, they will be processed expeditiously and the families will be able to start traveling for their "bonding trips".   Oh, the joy that will bring!  So as always, please keep these little ones, their families and the officials in charge of their care in your prayers.

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