Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Final Tally for Hearts for Hope

The Hearts for Hope Fundraiser's final tallies are in and it was far more successful that I had initially thought.   400 Valentine's filled with love and hope were sent into Lifesong on Altynai's fund's behalf and $1200!!! Thank you so much to all of you that participated and gave generously to help bring some precious little ones home.  The fund's total donations stand at $22,300!!!  I find that absolutely amazing considering that I started the fund just 7 months ago.  Wow!

I am honored to share a picture of the Valentines and the amazing people at Lifesong for Orphans that have made Altynai's Fund possible.  Rich Metcalf, an adoptive father himself, is the man that listened to my request for assistance last summer and shocked me by telling me in the same phone call that Lifesong would be honored to help me with my dream.  He has assisted me with all of the decision making regarding the grant recipients and distribution of the funds.  He is a man of great faith and wisdom and I have been blessed to be able to work with him.  Jane Diggle is my direct link to the fund.  She keeps it all organized and provides me with the donation updates and most recently was the keeper of the Valentines.  I am pretty sure that was not listed in her job description but she graciously helped.  I truly can't thank Lifesong for Orphans enough for all that they have been willing to do to help me, help others.  Their mission is amazing and their impact is profound!

The Valentine's are on their way to my home now and then will be distributed to the waiting families on their upcoming travels.   Hopefully, there will be more pictures to share as they continue their journey to Kyrgyzstan.


  1. Your post is certainly one of the best source of valuable information every reader must follow. Glad to hear a lot from you soon. Keep on sharing! Thanks

  2. Love the last paragraph pf this entry! Praise the Lord!!!

  3. So great to hear! Thanks to all who participated and thanks to you, Suzanne for your continued commitment! It's also nice to see Rich and Jane!