Thursday, March 29, 2012

First Public Announcement

I am so excited tonight because I get to post today's announcement from Christian World Adoptions (CWA).  They are currently the only agency from the US that is accredited to process adoptions in Kyrgyzstan.  Anya, the Kyrgyz coordinator, posted the following on CWA's public blog and Facebook today so I can share it here too.  I have been in touch with several of the families that are currently in Kyrgyzstan and it is so heartwarming to know that they are bonding (again) with the children that they fell in love with 4 years ago!  Grand things are happening and prayers are being answered which is why it is time to make a final fundraising push.  As things stand now, the families will make two trips.  The first is a bonding trip and then the second will be to pick up their child once the adoption is finalized, which means that little ones could start coming home in May!  I plan to raise money through the end of April and then distribute the remaining funds so that families can use the money for their Gotcha trips.

The Kyrgyz jewelry is the big fundraiser for this month and 15 items have sold this week and $220 has been raised!  I would love to see that number climb so please check out the Kyrgyz Jewelry page to see the beautiful beaded jewelry that was made by precious Kyrgyz children.  ( To read more about the kids, Big Family and the jewelry, please read my post from March 26th.)

Here is the link in case you want to learn more about CWA.  Now for the exciting text itself:


Kyrgyzstan Families are Traveling!

The Kyrgyzstan program reopened in January, and the first group of families is already in-country for their first trip!  These are some of the “pipeline cases,” or those who had started their adoption process before the country had halted international adoptions back in 2008.
Kyrygzstan program director Anya Rutherford reports that she arrived in Bishkek late last week with 7 CWA families after a 30-hour trip, arriving just before dawn.  Signs are that the trip is going very well at this point.  The families were very excited and eager to begin their adoption process, so much so that no one really slept the first night.  Anya began working on adoption documents with CWA’s in-country facilitator immediately.
After some official meetings, the families were able to meet and spend time with their prospective adoptive children.  The orphanages are currently allowing families to visit the children twice per day during the week, and once or twice on the weekends.  Anya will be learning much about the new adoption process during this trip and should have more details to share upon her return!
We are excited for these families and all of those who will be traveling in the upcoming months.  We look forward to the future of this program and those children who will finally be coming home to their families!

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