Monday, April 2, 2012

Grand Things

Grand things continue to happen for the waiting families and prayers are being answered which is why it is time to make a final fundraising push.  As things stand now, the families will be making two trips.  The first starts with a 10 day bonding period, hopefully followed by a court date and then the second trip is predicted to be about a month later.  That trip will occur once the adoption is finalized.  Those will be the Gotcha Trips that we have all been waiting for and if things continue to go as planned, then little ones could start coming home in May!  The cost of these adoptions has continued to increase especially since the time that the families will be in country has increased so the need is real.  I plan to raise money through the end of April and then distribute the remaining funds so that families can use the money for their second trips.

The Kyrgyz jewelry is the big fundraiser for this month and 15 items have sold in the last week and $280 has been raised!  I would love to see that number climb so please check out the Kyrgyz Jewelry page to see the beautiful beaded jewelry that was made by precious Kyrgyz children.  ( To read more about the kids, Big Family and the jewelry, please read my post from March 26th.)  If you have adopted from Kyrgyzstan in the past and follow this blog, please help me spread the news to the other past Kyrgyz families.  There are over 200 of you out there and I think these pieces will be quite sentimental for them.  Of course, donations of any amount will be accepted at any time, and please remember that no amount is too small.  It is the little ripples that ultimately make a wave!  Check out the DONATE page for information on how to donate to Altynai's Fund via Lifesong for Orphans.

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