Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Our Gift

Wow, I read this yesterday and just can't stop thinking about it.

"When a child ( orphan ) gives up hope, dreams are forever shattered. With lost dreams goes the potential and the ultimate impact that a child might have had. "  - By Dr.  Weiss Stafford.

I posted pictures in FB of the beaded jewelry and alligators yesterday and Julie Wright, one of our amazing missionaries in Kyrgyzstan shared it with Big Family.  Here is the reply from Sergey:

We soooo glad to see our work and see what people like that.  Our kids happy and want make more difrents.  But now they have very busy in this month at tha school and next month very important for them too.  I think what at summer they will have  many time to do more.  Thank you all who buy that necklaces and all stuffs. When you buy just one you need to know that  you hellp for kids in Kyrgyzstan. 

 I have always felt so privileged to be able to follow along with the Wright's journey and in the end, I am sure that the Kyrgyz jewelry fundraiser will be the one that I will remember the most.  I think back on what Sergey and Anya have done by "adopting" the 4 orphans that they had fallen in love.  They, just like all adoptive parents, including the Kyrgyz 65, realize the untapped potential of a parentless child and because of that are driven to make an impact. What a gift these children are given but no greater than the gift of love that comes from parenting such a child.

Our gift!  Our priceless little guy that came to us via adoption.

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