Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The candles are still lit!

September 2, 2008: Well, another week has gone by and still no news on any movement in Tokmok. The judge is still not willing to give us a court date so we wait..... This is just killing me! Addison is gaining weight and no longer has diarrhea per our coordinator which is good news. I am still waiting on pictures to confirm that she is looking good though. They have taken the photos but have been having difficulty sending them due to the fact that they are still having rolling backouts ( apparently 6 hours a day without electricity). I know that I will feel better once I see new pictures.

The candles were lit again last night but you will notice some additions. This was my "feel good" project for the week. The series of 5 candles represent four very special babies (LOLA) with the center aqua candle being for my four dear friends who have become my pillars of strength during this adoption. The separate green candle to the right is for all the other orphans in Kyrgyzstan, not only those that are waiting to come home, but those that are yet to be referred and even more importantly for those orphans that will never know another home. And of course, the large pink candle from the last post is still nearby because it seemed to have worked well last week.

Each color is symbolic and hopefully is imparting some power to the prayers. (Thanks Clare!!!)
Green: ( L + all the other precious orphans) symbolizes growth, safety and endurance.
Oranage: (O) symbolizes happiness, determination and encouragement.
Agua: (Moms) symbolizes emotional healing and protection
Blue: (L)symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, faith and healing.
Red: (A) symbolizes courage, strength and joy.

I have them sitting next to my computer where I spend a vast amount of my free time at night. I love them! The only problem is that each has a different fragnance so that at the end of the night I have a little bit of a headache. Oh, the things we will endure to bring home our babies.


  1. I've been thinking about you and precious Addison. We hope you get to see new pictures soon as we know from experience how much better it can make you feel! Sending many prayers and well wishes your way...

  2. Oh Suzanne, it is beautiful -- the candle display. I hope you are able to get some new photos soon to alleviate your fears and to encourage you that Addison IS doing well. You know that when I get there I will check on her and get photos, but that's still over a month away. I am praying that the judge in Tokmok will agree to hear your case or that you will get good news very soon. How hard this is for you all!!! You are in my heart.

  3. Love the candle display and the meaning behind each of the candles. Been thinking about you lately and wondering how sweet Addison was doing. Hope you get photos very soon. Praying for your quick return to bring her home.

  4. What a great post Suzanne! I am SO anxious to see those updated photos of Addison. I do hope they show good progress. It is amazing just what one photo can do while we sit over here on the other side of the world waiting to get any tidbit of news on our little ones. My candles are staying lit for the LOLA girls as well...though my are the fragance-free variety ; )

    Lots of love and prayers for Addison,