Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Successful candlelight vigil

On Sunday, August 24th, the Kyrgyzstan adoption group which is made up of hundreds of families from the US and abroad, held a candle light vigil to pray for the government of Kyrygzstan to start processing the pending adoptions. As many of you know there are at least 40 cases of children/babies that have been referred to families over the last 6 months but due to political manuevering their new families have not been allowed to bring them home. Well, the good news is that all our prayers and positive energy seemed to have worked!!!! YEAH!!!! On Monday several families paperwork , including my dear friend Kim's, were finally approved by the new adoption committee and signed off at the Minister of Education level. Those cases have been submitted to the courts and we will all keep praying that the next several steps will flow smoothly. It was so nice to have some good news.

As for Addison, thanks to another visiting family (Thanks Holly!) we were able to get another set of pictures and she seems to be holding her own. Her weight is up a little too, not as much as I would like, but up. I have not been able to get any more information about how she is feeding, if she is still having diarrhea, ect... but will keep pestering my agency to stay on top of it. No news for us on the Tokmok courts but I have renewed faith that Addison will be coming home.


  1. Yes, we really can move mountains half a world away! Keeping the faith that Addison is continuing to improve and will be out of there soon and safely home with you.

    Love and prayers sister,


  2. Glad to see that Addison has gained a little weight. Praying that she gets to come home very very soon.

  3. What a blessing to see movement in the area of Bishkek!!! Addison IS coming home. And, if she is still there when I return (in 44 days), you KNOW that I will take photos and ask about her and take anything you'd like to send.

  4. Praise God for His willingness to answer prayer! I can't wait for the wonderful news that He has answered the prayer to bring Addison home too. I'm glad to hear that she's holding her own.

  5. It's good to know Addison is doing better. Our children will come home.