Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The sweetest smile

I will start this post by thanking everyone for all their support and prayers because they are working. We got updated pictures and a weight on Monday and Addison is looking better and has gained some weight. Thank goodness! I actually felt like I could breathe again. She is so cute especially with the smile! Ansley and I opened them together and she blurted out " mommy, she doesn't look sick any more". So at least for now our little one is holding her own. The shear fact that she can put the weight back on is very reassuring. I was getting very worried that in addition to my suspicion of neglect and FTT with malnutrition that there may be a new or yet to be disclosed medical diagnosis. I spent the weekend beside myself because I had not pushed harder to have her admitted last week.

Unfortunately, she is still at the orphanage in Tokmok and that is going to continue to be a huge point of concern for me. She is better but I think that the last several weeks have shown us how tenuous her health can be and I have little faith in the care she is receiving. They have now changed their story and apparently she had ( or has ???) diarrhea and that is why she lost weight. Odd because they denied that she had been ill or had diarrhea for the last 10 days. The story from there becomes much more muddy and to be frankly honest, absolutely infuriating. Unfortunately, I can not share all the details on this blog but I can tell you that we just can't get her out of there soon enough. The plan for now is close supervision with weekly updates and weight checks.

Our coordinator continues to be proactive and is working on getting Addison's paperwork through the court in Tokmok but so far there has not been any solid forward progress. Please keep our precious baby girl and the rest of the babies there in your thoughts and prayers.


  1. Suzanne,
    Addison definitely looks better this week. I will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers! Julie

  2. Her face definitely looks more full than the last photos. I know you are still concerned. I hope that you hear that court is happening soon. It's 45 days until someone from AO returns, and 52 days for me. Hopefully, you'll get news about pick up before then. Hugs!!

  3. So glad to hear your sweetie is bouncing back. Hope you continue to receive good news!

  4. She does look much better than the previous photos. I will continue to keep you and Addison in my prayers and hope that you bring her home very soon.

  5. Oh Suzanne,
    I hadn't even noticed you were active with your blogging. Good job, but still holding vigil for Addison. Hoping for a good report and weight check this week, not to mention a court date!
    We're with you in spirit and prayer, Clare (& Jerry)

  6. She looks much better. We'll keep praying for her!

  7. Suzanne, thanks for sending me a new invite to the blog. I can understand why you have been so concerned.
    The most recent pictures are adorable and she looks so much better. Addison continues to be in our prayers!