Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First Days of School

I thought that I would add a special post for Ansley and Alec tonight. Here are their back to school pics and boy, were they happy. Ansley is in second grade and could NOT wait to start. It is just so sad to see how fast time flies and somehow having a seconder grader does not sound like having a little kid anymore. By the way, she is missing her two top teeth and one on the bottom and so her smile is just adorable. I keep telling her that there is no other time in your life when missing teeth are cute :)

Alec started his pre-K program back at our chruch's preschool. He is going 5 mornings a week, much to my dismay, but loved his first week. Of course, I am going through with drawal and actually kept him home this morning so that I could spend time with him after my long 6 day stretch at work. Next year, I won't be allowed to do that so I am going to take advantage of these moments while I still can.

I just don't know what I would do without these two perfect kids. They light up my days and bring happiness like none other.

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  1. They are so adorable. I love Ansley's "windows" as I always call them. And Alec looks pretty proud of his new backpack.
    I cherished the mom and Jake time I got the first year Chloe was in school. I am glad you are willing and able to do it while you can.