Thursday, September 22, 2011

Garage Sales and Bake Sales

The weekend is almost here and I am sure that most of you are looking forward to it.  I worked a ton at the beginning of the month so after tomorrow's shift, I will be done for the month!  Yippee!  I love having unexpected "free" time because it gives me the chance to get organized and to tackle projects that I can't get done during the two hours that Drew naps on Mondays and Tuesdays.  The rest of the week I am either at work or busy with the big kid's activities, homework, ect..

My itinerary begins with whipping up some bake goods tomorrow night.  Little Miss Libby (currently vying to be the highest donor)  has convinced her Mom that she needs to do another bake sale but this time she is taking it to a community garage sale.  For those of you that know of my less than stellar cooking skills, please don't worry, I have grand plans for Rice Krispie treats.  As long as I don't burn the marshmallows, they are guaranteed to turn out.  Shoot, I  might even get a little fancy and add some M&Ms!  Saturday morning, I have a table reserved at our church's annual rummage sale.  I am not a fan of garage sales but I have some good stuff this year and I just don't want it to give it away.  All of the proceeds will go towards raffle items for an upcoming online fund raiser that I have planned.  Hopefully both the garage sale and the fund raiser will be successful.  I haven't set a date for the raffle because I want to make sure that I have a good following first.  The more readers, the more participants.

The rest of the week will be filled with quality time with the kids, a class project for Ansley, a trip to the eye doctor, boy scout meeting at our house and work on the fund.  Craig is home all next week so we should get some quality family time too.  My big project, as long as I can stay motivated will be to clean out my closet - shoot, that just reminds me.  I should do that before the rummage sale!  Darn it, I may have to give it a quick run through tonight. ( Truly, I am not making up that revelation.)

Well, on that note I have work to do.  Next week, I have more waiting families stories lined up and will get an update from Lifesong on the total donations.  Thanks to everyone who is following along and thank you to the families who have been so willing to share their journeys.  Please keep the kiddos in your prayers!

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