Thursday, September 15, 2011

Maksim has been waiting 1300 days....

The following post was written by Kerri and Eric Schlef, yet another amazing set of waiting parents.  Maksim lives in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan but he has a family, including two little brothers, waiting for him here in the United States.  His parents have literally been counting the days that they have been waiting to bring him home.  The numbers just don't lie, especially when you realize that he has lost 1300 days ( and counting ) thriving in a loving family.  1300+ days of his childhood, that he will never get back...  .

1300 days have passed since we received Maksim's picture via email. 1300. That's 3 years, 6 months and 23 days of praying that THIS will be the day God allows Maksim to come home.

God answers prayers. He gives three answers: yes, no and not right now. You can beg and plead with God all you want, but when God's answer is 'not right now' then that is His answer.
Our journey to Maksim began in late 2007. We had a miscarriage and felt we were being led to adopt. Because we are Type A people, we made a spreadsheet with all the possible countries. Kyrgyzstan fit our requirements - child chosen for you, young infant and able to complete the adoption in a short amount of time.

In February 2008 we received Maksim's referral and we traveled to met him in early March. We were told we would return in 6-8 weeks to bring our son home. Weeks passed and we were given excuse after excuse of why our case didn't go to court. Weeks turn into months.

In February 2009, former Kyrgyz Prime Minister Usenov declared a moratorium on international adoptions.

19 months later, adoption regulations were signed. The waiting continues as adoption agencies have to be accredited and the regulations need to be clarified and implemented.

During this time our hands stay busy sending emails and making phone calls to our Members of Congress, sending packages to Kyrgyzstan, making connections, supporting the other waiting families and most importantly praying for our children's hearts to stay soft.

And so we will wait on the Lord for as long as it takes.

Kerri and Eric

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