Monday, September 26, 2011

What was I thinking (???) and a request for help

I am sure that several of you were wondering, what the heck I was thinking when I said I was doing a rummage sale.  Trust me, Saturday morning, I was thinking the same thing.  Rummage sales are NOT a good idea for a fund raiser!  Bake sales at rummage sales are NOT a good idea either!  Now, as I am typing this I am laughing especially since I should have known better.   The bottom line is that there were 3 types of garage sale shoppers present this weekend.  Those that really need your discarded items because they have fallen on hard times and they are doing their best to make ends meet.  Those that are simply collectors of junk and lastly, people who buy your stuff and then plan to take it down the street to the local flee market and charge more than what you charged.  As for the first group, those are the people that I would have been happy to give my kids outgrown clothes too.  Of course, they never bartered with the price and were excited about their purchases.  The second group, well they came in with groups of friends and it was clear that it was their weekly social event and they were having a ball!  The last group was incredibly annoying - they participated in the raping of the clothes piles.  They would throw things this way and that, create a pile, decide that $0.25 -0.50 per items was too much and either walk away from the mess they had just made or try to steal the items.  Needless to say, none of the three parties were interested in orphans in Kyrgyzstan.   As for the bake sale, same concept... who is going to pay $0.50- $1 for a baked good when they will not pay that for a pair of pants that was worn once.   "A" for effort, right?

Alec at the sale.  He is my #1 supporter!
Now on to bigger and better things but with that I have a request.  Please, please, please share the fund's blog with your friends and families.  I also started a separate Facebook page "Altynai's Legacy Adoption Fund:  Bringing Home the Kyrgyz 65" so please join or hit "Like".  If you are an adoptive parent, please share with your own adoption community.  Share with your families, friends, church groups, play groups, share, share, share.....  The fund needs to gather some momentum!  If everyone that read this blog could pass it along to even a handful of people and they continued that trend, the potential would be endless.  Now I know that we all have individual causes that tug at our heart strings, and I get that this is mine, and may not be yours, but even if that is the case, maybe someone that you share it with will become our serendipitous supporter.

I have some exciting things planned.  We are working on t-shirts that will soon be ready for purchase with the proceeds going to the fund, some specialized bracelets and some upcoming raffles but in orders for those to be a success, I really need a good following.   To date, there are nine waiting families that are applying and the news from Kyrgyzstan is still a "go".  Now the time line is still in question but the adoption regulations are officially on the books, the agencies are working on re-accreditation and the families are assembling their new dossiers.  So while they are all at work, please help me.  I am realizing that there is no way that I can make this a success on my own.  I am incredibly independent and hate to ask for help, but I have been humbled and frustrated to say the least.

Enough of my whining...  stay tuned in, I have more stories to share and you will probably get more random and mildly entertaining posts from me!


  1. Ahhh, strange how our minds collided at the same moment, isn't it? I'll get to work for you, and see what follows!

  2. We love you Suzanne. It's incredible what you are doing with your pain.