Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Another push???

Just when I think that I am almost done with what can be accomplished through Altynai's Fund, an interesting chain of events is making me question that assumption.  After giving out additional grant money on Mother's Day,  the remaining balance in Altynai's Fund is a low level.  I had always known the day would come when I would tap out the account and over the last several weeks, I have spent a lot of time deciding how to distribute the remaining money.   After some phenomenal advice from Lifesong for Orphans, and lots of prayerful guidance, my decisions were made.  Over the last month, I have also decided that my role in active fundraising was over but I didn't want to "close" Altynai's Fund's account because there are still several of the recipients/families that are in a holding pattern with their Kyrgyz adoptions.  I just wanted to keep my options opened until I knew how their journeys would play out.  There has been nothing predictable about Altynai's Fund or my role on this quest so I just didn't want to limit my options too early.

Now, I am questioning at least part my plan.  So within 24 hour of giving out the additional grant money, three pivotal things happened.   First, I received two very meaningful donations.  The first was from a very special lady that I came to know right after Altynai had her first surgery and my husband and I were in the midst of making some very difficult decisions.  At the time, Maria (a fellow adoptive mom and physician) and I were in Nicaragua on a medical mission trip with our church.  Unfortunately, due to some upheaval at church, we haven't seen each other in a long time.   While visiting a new church, on Mother's Day, I ran into Maria as we were leaving the sanctuary.  She immediately told me how she had seen the article in the paper about Altynai's Fund.  She was impressed that I had been able to turn a horrible experience into something good that she wanted to donate.  Of course, I have heard that from other people, but very few of them have actually followed through and made a donation.  Not Maria, she took out her check book and made a donation to Altynai's Fund right there at church.  Maria is in the midst of some challenges and she is hoping to turn her frustration into something wonderful too.  Once again, Altynai's Fund has touched someone in a way that I would have never predicted and in return the fund has grown yet again.

The second donation came in the way of an anonymous, hard earned, cash donation that I found in my mailbox yesterday afternoon.   A special person out there brought me to tears yesterday.  I can't even begin to tell you how much both of those donations hit home.  And even more so, because yesterday morning, I learned that one of the waiting families is facing a huge unexpected challenge.  A new need that I knew nothing about.

What an interesting chain of events....  Maybe, I am not done.  Maybe, Altynai's Fund has more to do.  All I know, is that I am going to need some help to keep this going.  Anyone out there with some new ideas??? Any one want to take the lead on a new project?  Any one want to partner with me???  I promise you the rewards are phenomenal and the needs are real.

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