Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Grants

I hope today's post finds my fellow mom's still reveling in yesterday's festivities.  My Mother's Day was filled with precious home made gifts, a beautiful bouquet of flowers and tons of LOVE from my little ones.

The highlight of my day, was that I was blessed to be able to give out some additional grants to several of the waiting families.   It was the perfect day to give a surprise gift to very deserving mom's.   They have been mothering from afar for such a long, long time and have been incredibly supportive of Altynai's Fund.  I was literally bursting with joy as those messages went out.  I am truly in awe of the generosity that I have seen and to know that Altynai's Legacy has impacted so many makes it all the more meaningful for me.  God lead me to start this fund and pushed me to keep it going and yesterday I was able to reap the benefits of that hard work.  Thank you to everyone who has donated or supported Altynai's Fund!!!

Now where to go from here.....  There is still more need remaining and I plan to keep Altynai's Fund going until the recipients have their little ones home.  How much  more will be given, will be our Lord's will.  I am utterly convinced that He is in control and that I am truly His hands and feet for this adventure.    I am open to any ideas or advice that any of you may send my way.  I am feeling rejuvenated after yesterday's events and so I will anxiously await to see how where things go from here.

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