Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Can you imagine???

Four years, give or a take a few months, has passed since those of us amongst the Kyrgyz 65 left our children for the first time.  I will never forget that day and how gut wrenchingly heart sick I was, as I laid our precious little Altynai to sleep in her orphanage crib.   I was beside myself and yet, I took solace in the fact that she had no idea who my husband and I were, why we were there or why we were leaving.  I promised to be back but I didn't have to explain.  She was blissfully ignorant in her infantile innocence.

The waiting families have been traveling and bonding with their children once again, but this time they are leaving children that are at least 4 years old, if not older. Children that, although still filled with innocence, understand that someone special came, showered them with love and attention for 10 days and then departed.  They say they will be coming back but can you imagine how that little boy or girl is feeling???  Can you imagine the fear and anxiety that their parents are experiencing???  To spend those precious days together, to start breaking down the walls and then be have to leave them once again.  I can only imagine???  I just pray these departures will be followed quickly by court dates and Gotcha trips!   The process is moving forward and there will be good news to be shared but in the interim, please keep all of them in your thoughts and prayers, especially the waiting children.

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