Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The best things come in small packages

I got the sweetest donation ever today!  It was for $1.74 with the most precious note from her mommy, Hiliary.
"This is with love from Anara from her own piggy bank.  She's prayed everyday for 3 years for her friends to come home and she wanted to help".  
As you probably guessed, Anara is a precious little girl who at one point in her life was an orphan in Kyrgyzstan.  She is now thriving in her forever family here in the US!

Anara:  I sure hope that your prayers are answered soon and thank you, thank you, thank you for your donation!  Hopefully, you will be an inspiration to others.  XOXOXO

Speaking of inspirations, last fall, not long after Altynai passed away, I learned about this amazing adoptive mom, Adeye' ( that was raising money for a special needs orphan in the Ukraine.  In the matter of a week or two, she not only found parents for this little one but also raised $25,000 to cover her adoption expenses!  I was completely in awe by what she had done and the generosity of her readers. Well, over the last year, with God's help she has been witness to many other miracles.  She is at it again and this time is trying to help one of the waiting Kyrgyzstan families.  The Fenske's are #30 on her blog post from Oct 11 and 12, and if you may remember, they are waiting to bring Kamila home.  She was the first waiting child that I introduced you too.  If you get a chance and want to help another family and read a blog that is truly inspiring, click on

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