Monday, October 31, 2011

Orphan Sunday

November marks the beginning of National Adoption month and November 6th is Orphan Sunday.  Orphan Sunday is an event that is sponsored by the Christian Alliance of Children.  With their support, many church communities across our nation hold special events with the goal of drawing awareness and support for the 143,000,000 orphans of our world.  Their website is filled with fabulous ideas and maybe one of the most touching videos I have seen in a long time. Perhaps if the technical powers that be smile on me this week, I will figure out how to share a non-youtube video ( I've failed miserably thus far).  While I work on mastering that, here is another great one and it is less than 2 minutes long.

As Altynai's fund blossoms, so does my awareness of the tremendous need that is out there.  It is so true, that it really only takes ONE person to make a difference in the life of a child in need, whether that is a orphan from a far away land or a foster child in your own town or city.   Adoption is a huge undertaking, I know that first hand, but you can always start out with baby steps.  Obviously, you have already taken the one, just by reading this blog.  Read more, pray more, or maybe volunteer with a local organization and if you can, give to the organization that moves you the most.   I have asked my friends on Facebook to consider talking to their church families, bible studies or life groups, about taking up a small offering some time this month and giving it to either Altynai's fund or to one of the other many tremendous organizations that provide support to the orphans of this world.

 Jesus calls on us to protect and love the fatherless and hopefully Orphan Sunday will move many to act!

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