Monday, October 24, 2011

Setting a Goal

I know that this is old news but finalizing these adoptions is going to be very expensive.  In order to re-do their dossiers ( which are all their legal documents and have them translated), pay agency fees, obtain visas, medical exams, legal expenses, travel (the 7000+ mile flight is not cheap), lodging, food, ect... they are anticipating that the cost will be at least ANOTHER $20,000- $25,000 per child.  Remember that is not taking into account the expenses that were encountered when we started the adoption process and got our referrals over three years ago.  It also does not include the money that the families have spent on advocacy efforts, orphanage donations or concurrent adoptions since they were first matched with their child.  Ten families have now contacted me about applying for assistance and although the fund is growing, I need to raise a lot more.

Many people have asked if I have a goal of how much I need to raise and I have been hesitant to put a dollar figure out there.  Hesitant because it may turn people off, hesitant because I don't want to sound pompous and especially hesitant because of fear of failure.  The number that I have in mind is large and yet, I know that it has to be.  My overall goal is to be able to provide everyone that applies with some degree of financial support, knowing that there will be families that may need more than others.  And although, I know that the applicants will be happy with any assistance they receive, I want the amount to be substantial enough that it truly removes a portion of their burden.  So how much do I need to raise????

The way in stands now, I have raised $14,500!!!  I am incredibly pleased with that amount but need more.  So here goes......  my goal is to raise $40, 000- 45,000.   I know that is an exorbitant  of amount of money but I believe that it is possible.  It is possible because helping give a child a family is priceless!  I just can't imagine even one of these precious children being left behind so now that I have put the numbers in writing, please help me achieve my goal.  No donation is too small (remember Anara's donation of $1.64) because they all add up!  And for those of you are unable to donate, then there are other things that you can do to help.  First, help spread the news on your blog, Facebook or via email.  Second, help me brainstorm on raffle, auction or other fund raising ideas.  Lastly, pray for the fund, the children and the families.

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