Thursday, November 3, 2011

Help Wanted!!!

Hello.  I did the some math today....  12 families have asked for help, $14,800 raised.  $25-30 K more to reach my goal.  If the kids starting coming home in Feb/ March then I need to raise at least $250 per day.  Yikes!  So in honor of my higher math skills, I am placing a "Help Wanted" ad out here today to see if there is anyone out there that can put me in touch with any business, organizations or individuals that would be or are supporters of adoption.  Altynai's Fund is continuing to grow but I need help tapping into some larger resources.  I would love to find people/businesses, ect... that would be willing to support the fund either through publicity or donations.  And the donations could be monetary or through merchandise that could be auctioned or raffled?  I have lots of "little" ideas but I need a lot more and the bigger the better.  Help point me in the right direction if you can.

You can leave a comment here on the blog or email me at  Thanks!

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