Monday, November 21, 2011

Silpada Success and Lots More to Come

The Silpada fundraiser that finished on Saturday was a huge success so thank you to everyone who bought jewelry and helped spread the word!  Here are the exciting results:


     ***  40 people participated with online and party sales.

     ***  $900 in jewelry was given away!  Three $300 gift certificates for jewelry of their choice was given to our big raffle winners!
            CONGRATULATIONS to Jes Scheel, Lisa Reickerd and Kim Humphrey!!!!  By chance, they are all part of the Kyrgyz 65 which was so fun.  I wanted you to enjoy the video of the drawing but blogger seems to disagree with that plan.  Maybe tomorrow it will let it go through....

    *** $300 of additional jewelry was also earned.  Jill and I will use that to chose some pieces that will be used on the blog for additional fundraising in the future.  The goal is for this fundraiser will propagate itself :) and don't forget that Silpada also donated a beautiful necklace and bracelet so stay tuned for more information.

DRUM ROLL PLEASE........................

     *** $1200 was donated to the fund!!!!  Can you believe it?  The thanks goes to Jill Vodicka and her upline, Kathy Zimardo's, for their incredible generosity.  Jill gave all  of her proceeds except a small amount that covered her expenses.  I can't thank her enough for all that she has done to support me and this fund since even before it was launched. What an amazing friend!!!

So what's next... there is a lot more in the works.  To start, there is a Thirty One sale going on right now if you are interested in buying some adorable bags.  Ann Bates, one of the waiting moms,  has a friend who is a representative for the company.  Heather has offered to have an online sale from now until December 8th with a portion of the proceeds going to Altynai's fund!  Here is the link to the sale : .

Ann also has a Zazzle store that has Kyrgyz 65 t-shirts and other items for sale.  They are adorable and the proceeds of all of the Zazzle store sales will also go to Altynai's Fund.  Here is the link to the store front : .

Last thing, any crafters or Etsy store owners out there....  I am dreaming of a Holiday craft fair for December's main fundraiser and it is shaping up nicely.  So far people have donated a great variety of items, from a wooden toy box to hand crafted shoes to quilts to personalized Dr. Seuss wall hangings, just to name a few.   I would love to have a few more handcrafted pieces if possible so let me know on the blog or via private email at if you are interested in donating.  It should be fun!

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