Friday, November 18, 2011

What's in a Name?

Happy Friday everyone!!!!

Well, 4 a.m. came and sure enough, I was awake!  This point must be important because I woke up thinking about it and haven't stopped.  I want to clarify and explain the name - Kyrgyz 65.  At this time, it is the name represents the group but numerically, it should not be taken literally.  When moratorium was placed on adoptions in Feb 2009, there were 65 orphans/ US families that became trapped.  Hence the Kyrgyz 65.  We do know the names of all those children and we know the gravity of what the delay has meant to them.  At this time, there are over 40 of the families that have remained absolutely steadfast in their committment to bringing home the child that they were matched with 3-4 years ago.  They are the families that I refer to all the time.  The others have had to make very difficult decisions along the way OR life has dealt them a card, that made staying on this journey absolutely no longer feasible and/or, in most cases a combination of both.  Lastly, there are a handful of the waiting children that have since been able to leave the orphanage with other biological family members.  So to date, the "waiting" is really not 65 but the name stands strong to reflect those that have been involved over the years.  Hope that makes more sense....

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The PODCAST link has been changed - sorry about that!    Here is it :
The link on last nights post and on the right side of the page are accurate now and working great.  Please take the time to listen in.

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