Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Altynay's Christmas Ornaments

It is 3 days until Christmas and I couldn't let the week pass with out introducing you to another waiting orphan and her family, the Owens.  Her waiting mom, Sharon has written a beautiful post for us and it once again, it shows how incredibly devoted these waiting families are.  This is the third Christmas without the children that they fell in love with so long ago and yet, their love remains steadfast. 
I miss my daughter Hope Altynay.   The holidays only make the empty spot in our family more obvious, especially Christmas.  So I thought I would share a family tradition that we have that we have been able to include Hope in.  Each year since Scott and I were married we have purchased a Christmas tree ornament.  When the boys were born they too got an ornament each year.  In 2007 we had started our adoption paperwork and while shopping for our annual ornaments, found a globe surrounded by children.  Hope’s 1st ornament and she hadn’t even been born yet! We naively dreamed of next year and a Christmas with a little girl in our house of boys. 
By Christmas time 2008, we were waiting to travel to bring Hope home.  A baby’s 1st Christmas ornament with her picture was hung on the tree.  We had accepted her referral back in September, but were not fully aware of the all of the problems on the horizon.  Next year, we told each other, there would be dolls and pink things under the tree.  

The next two years passed without little girl presents, but she is as much a part of this family as any of us.  And so a dark haired angel and a Santa with a special wish were added to our tree.

Christmas 2011 is nearly upon us.  With 2 busy teenagers and full time jobs we just haven’t made it to the big city to buy our ornaments yet; may have to look online this year.  Guaranteed, there will be one for Hope and I look forward to a future Christmas when we can take each year’s ornament out of its box and tell her a story of Hope.

I would like to make a plea to anyone who is considering donating, but is unsure of LifeSong for Orphans.  Please be assured of their integrity!  Back in 2008 when we were pulling together the finances for our adoption, LifeSong was there for us.  They are wonderful people to work with, caring and supportive, but very grounded in the fiscal realities of adoption.  They set us up with a matching grant that we met with the help of our church family.  It is my goal to someday return the favor and be able to give back to them at least as much as they gave us so that they can help bring another child into a forever family. 

Waiting mom to Altynay since 9/28/08

Please keep the prayers coming that this is the last Christmas that they will spend on opposite sides of the world. Please, if you haven't had the chance, help Altynai's Fund by sharing this website with a friend or family member or if you are able, make a donation.

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