Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Little Takhmina

Hallelujah!!!  Blogger is cooperating with the comment section again and not a moment too soon.  There are less than 48 hours left until the bidding on the Holiday Auction is over and I can't think of a better way to bribe people into checking it out, than to introduce you to another adorable waiting child and her parents, that desperately want her home.  Please meet Takhmina and the Bean Family.

The Bean Family Story: 

Matt and I began dating when we were in ninth grade and after 6 years, we finally got married on July 30, 2000 in Ridgway, Colorado. It was a beautiful ceremony filled with laughter, love, family and friends, and it was the day that our dreams would begin. Throughout dating and the first months of our marriage we talked about our hopes and dreams, which always included children. We agreed that we would like a smaller family of 2 children, so that we could give them the proper attention and focus at the level we thought they deserved.

After a year of marriage we decided that it was time to start looking towards creating a family and began executing our plans. We had decided that adoption would be wonderful, but we would like to have a biological child first and see what happened from there. A year went by with no pregnancy and we decided to seek medical help for our situation. Prayer after prayer, crying, pleading, trying to make the Lord certain deals, invasive medical procedures, too many fertility drugs and four years later there was still no biological child. Originally, when we decided to pursue medical treatments we felt the Lord’s hand upon us to make a “plan” that we would abide by. A plan that included a stopping point for the medical procedures. We hit that point, just like He knew we would, and we gave up our hope of a biological child and our control over our lives. Up until that point, the Lord knew that we would not completely surrender our plans for His plans and we had to be taken to the bottom emotionally and physically beaten down before we would turn our ears towards Heaven.

We churned the idea of adoption over in our minds and in prayer for a year before we actually made that leap. On September 27, 2007, Matt’s birthday, he told me that he was 100% ready to adopt and was ready to sign an adoption application. The heavenly peace that came from making that decision seemed natural and peaceful, almost like a peace that I had never felt before. The decision wasn’t conflicting in any way shape or form.   We began praying about where we should adopt from and led to Asia.  Yet, again peace entered our hearts.

We started our adoption journey by talking to a friend that adopted from Kazakhstan and we
were off, but it wasn’t a blessed move. It was then that we stumbled across another small country, actually a sister country to Kazakhstan, while talking to another adoptive parent whom had just adopted their son from Kyrgyzstan.  Just as we had prayed for direction, the Lord lead us to Kyrgyzstan and the peace returned. We submitted our application to our agency in December 2007 and our homestudy was completed by January 2008.

On March 23, 2008 we received our referral of a beautiful 5 week old baby girl. She was absolutely gorgeous and perfect in every way. Some say that love at first sight doesn’t happen, but we are living proof that it does.  Peace and joy was instantly granted and we knew that the desire to have a child had been met by the Lord.

I was able to travel over to Kyrgyzstan for two weeks when she was just a mere 8 months old. Our time together was short, but tremendously blessed. No one, unless you have had been in the same situation, will ever know the pain of leaving your only child in an institution. All you can do, is mentally turn your head and some of your heart off, in order to walk away from a small defenseless child. It is truly not an experience that I would recommend. Our road has been chalked full of hard situations and many missed milestones.

Four years later and with a ton of heartbreak, our journey is not over yet, we are still relying on The Lord to answer prayers.  Financially we knew that we would only be able to do one adoption and that it was possibly our only shot at being parents.  Our dream is still a flicker and we ask for your continued prayers and support, for us and the rest of the Kyrgyz 65.

We are clinging to our belief that because the Lord has brought us this far, He will take us all the way.

~Pamela and Matthew Bean

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