Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Season for Grant Giving

December 20th is here and Christmas is literally just around the corner.  I am proud to say that I am ready and in fact, have taken the last several days to sit back and enjoy the season.  Shopping, wrapping and parties are over except a few last minute things and now I am enjoying time with my precious family. Alec and I hung out in the treehouse for over an hour yesterday, Ansley and I have been playing Scrabble, Craig has been home and we have all been busy keeping Drew from unwrapping the presents.  Poor little guy is so confused.  It has been a heavenly few days. 

Today, there is little to accomplish so I thought I would put out a post on Altynai's page and give you the most recent update.  The waiting families are anxiously awaiting what the new year will bring.  FBI clearances and documents are in the works and they are busy praying that the agency accreditations will happen in the time-line that the Kyrgyz government has stated- within the next month.  And most recently, hoping that they will only have to make two more trips Kyrgyzstan and NOT THREE before they get to bring their children home.  So much remains unknown yet they are closer than they have been in years to finalizing their adoptions.

I have been so blessed by the generosity that Altynai's Fund has been shown.  Thanks to your kindness, Altynai's Fund has now given out a little over $14,000 in matching grants in the last two weeks.  What an amazing experience for me!!! Lifesong for Orphangs has also set up individual fundraising accounts for thirteen of the waiting families.   So now, not only can I continue to raise money for the general fund but those families can now raise targeted money for their individual adoptions!  As with all Lifesong accounts, all of the donations are tax free and they do not charge any administrative fees so a 100% of the donations go directly towards the adoptions.  What an amazing organization!!!  They continue to be an amazing source of support and guidance for me and I am in awe of the tremendous job that they do.

I am excited to say that the total raised is at $19,800!!!  There is much work to be done though.  After the auction and one other large donation we are almost at the half way mark for my goal of $40,000.  Please keep Altynai's Fund in your hearts and if you know of anyone that still has some year-end donations to make, please direct them to this site. 

May your last minute preparations go smoothly and when you get a chance, check back in a few days.  I have one more little one to introduce you to before Christmas.

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