Thursday, December 15, 2011

Quick Donation Update

The darn ( d#$%) Donate button is not working the LARGE majority of the time so I am bypassing blogger's issue altogether.  Apparently it doesn't want to play nice with PayPal, so as of tonight the Donate buttons are gone.  You can now donate directly to Lifesong for Orphan's site at
All you need to do is include Altynai's Fund in the purpose/memo section. Please don't forget to do this or the donation goes to Lifesong's general fund.   I have also put the link on the Fundraiser and Donate page too!  Ok, now that is fixed, I can stop perseverating about it.  I just hate to think that some donations may be lost when the orphans and waiting families desperately need them.  Thanks for weathering the technical difficulties with me.

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