Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Our Angel

I am writing this post tonight with a heavy heart, yet with high hopes that next December will be a time filled with joy and amazement for a group of children that are no longer orphans.  I just finished putting the last touches on the Christmas decorating and found the ornament and stocking that we bought for Addison (Altynai) on her first Christmas.  At that time, she was 8 months old and we were only 6 months into the delays.  The Kyrgyz government was assuring us that adoptions would resume immediately following the holidays but unfortunately, things did not go as promised.  Sadly, we knew that Altynai would spend her first Christmas in Kyrgyzstan but we always wanted her to know that her 1st Christmas was special to us and that she was deeply missed.  I can still remember the day that Ansley, Alec and I  picked out the precious little ornament; a sweet little brown haired angel peacefully praying on a cloud.  It reminded me so much of her!  The ornament has hung on our tree for four Christmas' now and always will because she will always be part of our family.  Our little angel.

So tonight, I pray that this will be the last year that the waiting children will spend Christmas in their orphanages and that next year, their forever families will be rejoicing in their presence.  The presence of a child that is greatly loved!   Just close your eyes and envision what a joyous picture that will be.....

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  1. Christmas is always a hard time of year for us. We decided 3 years ago that we would boycot Christmas until Akyl was home. It has been a long three years without a tree, a single decoration, or even lights outside! We are looking forward to when we can celebrate holidays as a family.