Monday, January 23, 2012

Hearts Breaking and Hearts Singing

What an emotionally challenging weekend.  The announcement that Kyrgyzstan was re-opening it's program finally came!  You have no idea how long I have waited to type those joyous words.  It was a moment that we had all been waiting for and it is wonderful news!  However, it came on the heels of tremendous heartache for a handful of the waiting families.  For some of the Kyrgyz 65 (including one of my dearest friends), their journey to bring home their little one has come to an end that no one expected, leaving us all speachless and absolutely heart broken.  The cruelty of it all!   To finally have your child within arms reach only to have them whisked away.... To everyone out there that has followed along with the Kyrygz 65 and/or Altynai's Fund.  We are asking for your prayers, now more than ever.  Prayers for the children and families that were directly affected and prayers that happy reunions will follow for the remaining!

I think that we all need a few days to re-group but please know that although several of the families that Altynai's Fund is helping have been directly affected, many have not. There is still much work to be done and still children to fight for and children to bring home!  Please stay tuned for the details on Hearts For Hope Valentine's Day fundraiser, a new partnership with an amazing organization called 147 Million Orphans and some authentic Kyrgyz jewelry that will be available for sale only through Altynai's Fund.

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