Friday, January 27, 2012

Need a Happy Post

I think that we could all use a little pick me up so I thought I would share some pictures of how domestic adoption forever blessed our family.  Two years ago this week, my husband and I held Drew for the first time.  We were in awe of that precious baby boy on that day and every day since.  I just can't imagine our life without him!  My heart still aches for Altynai especially when I think about all that she was denied but I also know that if we had brought her home that Drew would have never joined our family.  God's plan at work. 

Lots of things to get busy on if Altynai's Fund is going to flourish during the final push to get the remaining children home.  First, don't forget that through the end of  January,  Marvielle's Jewerly is going above and to help Altynai's Fund.  So for the next 4 days, over every purchase over $15, then will give 100% of the difference.  For example, if you spend $40, then Altynai's Fund will get $25.  Sounds great to me.  I got my necklace in the mail this week and I absolutely love it.  So please share this offer with others in the adoption community.   They also sell athletic charms and they will give us 20% of those purchases.  Please see the Fundraising page for more details.  Marvielle's has also given the fund several bracelets with 5 charms a piece to raffle off.   Let's raffle one of them off now!  Anyone that either makes a purchase or a donation to Altynai's Fund will be in the running for the bracelet! If you share the link on FB that will give you an additional entry.  Just send me a message here on the blog and your name will go in the hat.  Thank you Marvielle's Jewelry!!!  Click here to shop for the adoption charms or athletic charms at

My necklace from Marvielle's Jewelry
 I am also so excited about another new organization that has offered to help Altynai's Fund.  147 Million Orphans is a non-profit that was established by two adoptive moms and they have a fabulous mission including helping families fund their adoptions.  They sale necklaces made in Uganda and some super cool t-shirts and bags.  30% of the purchases made through the link on this blog ONLY will be given to Altynai's Fund.  Here is the link that will allow the proceeds to come directly to Altynai's Fund

Tomorrow, I will lay out the plans for Hearts for Hope!

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