Monday, January 9, 2012

Marvielle's Adoption Jewelry

The art of fundraising....  The challenge of fundraising.....  The joy of fundraising....  The frustration of fundraising....  Seriously, it gives me palpitations!

My learning curve over the last five months has been incredibly steep.  So after taking a little break, I am up and running again and I will be curious to see how the next round of ideas goes over.  To start with, in addition to some new big "events",  I am hoping to add several ongoing fundraising options to this website.  Honestly, I have been looking for ideas that are simple and easy and yet will allow people to help Altynai's Fund by making an adoption related purchase.  After a few great recommendations,  I started researching organizations that not only sale adoption or orphan themed products, but also partner with families to help them raise money for their adoptions.  Tonight, I will introduce you to the first company that has been incredibly gracious with their willingness to help.  In fact, when I introduced myself to Marvielle's Jewelry and explained the plight of the Kyrgyz 65 and the goal of Altynai's Fund, they replied back in less than 24 hours!  They were already very familiar with the delays and heartache that these families have been through and were very excited to be able to help.  Thank you Marvielle's Jewelry!!!

Here is the information they have provided:

Marvielle's Jewelry is an adoption-centric jewelry business, run by two adoptive mothers, that believes every adoption is unique and has its own narrative.  We provide a large selection of charms covering adoptions from six continents, including domestic, and create beautiful necklaces and bracelets for you.  All of our charms are $5 and include free shipping! For every jewelry piece you create and purchase, we will donate 20% of the sales to Altynai's Legacy Adoption Fund help to them assist adoptive families bring home their children from Kyrgyzstan.  It's a win-win purchase!!!

Their website is  During the check out process, all you need to do is leave either Altynai's Fund or Krygyz 65 in the comment/memo section and 20% of the purchase will go to this fund.  I love it!  Thanks again Ann and everyone at Marvielle's Jewelry!

If anyone out there knows of other companies or organizations that I could contact, please let me know!

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