Saturday, January 14, 2012

WOW, What a Great Surprises!

I just got the most unexpected email from Ann at Marvielle's jewelry but I before I tell you more, first you have to know that the waiting families got more good news yesterday.  The agencies that will be accredited to process adoptions in Kyrgyzstan have been decided by the committee and they are now waiting for the approving Ministry's signature.  They have not announced the agencies yet but it is fabulous news that things are moving forward and within the time line that they ( the KG government ) laid out.  As one waiting parent said, "we have gone from baby steps to toddling!"  With that, my fundraising is going to need to get moving again too and in a bigger way than before!  So for those reasons, you will see why this email literally brought me to tears and confirmed my hope that when things really started moving for these families, then Altynai's Fund would see even more generosity come it's way.  So for all of you adoptive families out there, this is a wonderful opportunity to help.

Here is the wonderful email that I got from Ann at Marvielle's Jewelry.  It explains what they are offering to do to help the 12 waiting families that Altynai's fund is helping!  Thank you so much!

I wanted to give you an update on our fundraising for the HelpKG65. I learned more about the plight of the 65 through my a friend of mine. She informed me of the urgency of your mission, the struggles, the manuevering of agencies, and how basically everyone will have to start over again after waiting 3+ years. It appears as though the end is very near and from now on out, fundraising is probably reaching a critical level.
As a result, from now until the end of January, I want to run a special fundraising promotion to increase what we give to your organization to make sure we can help the families bring home their children.
Normally our fundraising donation is 20% of the purchase price. A bare necklace (or bracelet) is $5 and one charm is $5.. making a simple piece of jewelry with one charm $10.  Most necklace orders have 3 charms (total price $20) and bracelets around 5 charms (total price $30). For all orders of $15 and under, we will maintain our 20% donation. However, for all orders over $15, we will donate 100% of the purchase price minus the first $15. So, if an order is $20, you will receive $5. If it's $30, you'll receive $15. If it's $100, you'll receive $85. So on and so forth. We've taken two orders already and those will be grandfathered in.
On top of that, I'd like to donate three bracelets with five charms each to you for any other fundraising/auction event you may have for Altynai's Fund.
Please let me know your thoughts on these two items.
 Please check out Marvielle's site at
UPDATE:  WOW, this is so exciting!!!  Just got a second email from Marvielle's Jewelry and they are offering to help even more!

You know what... let's go for a bigger audience to raise more money to help the KG65 families! We have a sister site on etsy that targets athletes (runners, cyclists, swimmers, triathletes, sailors, surfers, yoga...) called Marvielles 
We just opened it two months ago as we had been selling exclusively to running and bike shops in the Midwest and at marathon expos and recently decided to take it online.
If you have friends and neighbors that really don't want adoption jewelry but wouldn't mind one honoring the athlete in them or a loved one, tell them to write KG 65, Atlynai's Fund, Lifesong, KG, 65, or anything of that nature in the comment section of the purchase form and we will donate 20% of the purchase price. We are running a MLK promo of a 30% discount this weekend and our donation of 20% will be of the actual full price (not the discounted price).

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